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Zahara SE Available January 2020

Zahara-O3 Interface Tool

About us 

The development of the link between Zahara and Pegasus Opera evolved via a collaboration between Intsys and Diskel – both of whom are long-standing Pegasus Business Software Partners.
Both Intsys and Diskel recognised that a Pegasus Solution including Zahara, would offer existing Pegasus users exciting additional functionality and as such enhancing the appeal of Opera.
Any application, however, must be conducive to integrate with Opera and we immediately recognised that Zahara analysis fields could be mirrored to those within Opera ensuring seamless integration.
This means that potentially the whole organisation can now have access to the procurement function via the Cloud and now via a mobile app – without the need to have access to the Opera accounting system.
The potential increase in efficiency, purchase controls as well as the possibility of utilising Zahara as an expense solution justified the investment in developing an integration tool with both Opera 3 and imminently Opera SE - to be known as ZaharaO3 and ZaharaSE. 
Knowing that existing Opera users would benefit from Zahara - by utilising our familiarity with Opera, our associated Opera development skills and creativity, we have ensured that Zahara can be utilised without the need to adapt existing processing.
Both Diskel and Intsys have introduced Zahara to many of our clients and are now successfully implementing the combined solution in several sites.

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