Supplier Accounts

The Interface will transfer all Supplier Accounts, along with any subsequent modifications, from Opera into Zahara.

Nominal Codes

The Interface will automatically create the Zahara "Nominal Codes" utilising the Opera Supply Codes.

Zahara for familiarity, allow fields to be renamed to match the equivalent fields in Opera.

VAT Codes

The Interface will transfer all the VAT Codes available in Opera into the Zahara Tax Codes List on the first sync - and subsequently any amendments. 

Cost Centres

If utilised in Opera, the Interface will transfer all the Cost Centres from Opera into Zahara creating Cost Codes in Zahara. Again the default Zahara field name can be changed to mirror the Opera field description.  


The Interface will transfer all the Projects from the Opera Nominal Ledger into Zahara so you have immediately all the projects available to be added to your Purchase Orders. The list of projects is automatically updated with any changes or new records added in Opera.

Invoices Export

When the Manual Exporting of Invoices option is enabled within the Business Settings of the Zahara Unit, the system displays an EXPORT button which is only available for the authorised users. These users are able to select which invoices have to be exported and after clicking on the Export button the Zahaara O3/SE Interface transfers the data into Opera and automatically creates the Invoices in the Purchase Accounts.

Opera - Zahara

Field Mapping

As an additional feature to accommodate any existing coding structure within Opera – perhaps if both the advanced nominal fields are utilised - the ZaharaO3 integration tool also allows you to map Opera fields to any of the Zahara analysis codes.

This provides the flexibility to accommodate most devised coding structures in Opera.

As an example, it may be necessary to map the Zahara Division to the Opera Cost Centre.

Rename Fields

The latest release of Zahara now allows for the purchase order fields to be renamed to reflect the naming convention used in Opera making data entry more familiar.

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