3. Zahara Set up for Opera Integration

1. Web Environment

  • Ensure user has download invoice access

From Admin > Settings scroll to the User Membership section. Tick the box

for the user login under Add User(s), select all the relevant divisions in the To

Division(s) box, and click the Add button.

The page should refresh, and now it should warn you that the user has not yet been granted permissions on that business unit. Tick the box for the login again, and click the GO button to add the fine-detail permissions to the login for that business unit.

  • Check Validation is ON for downloading invoices

Business > Settings > Validation and you should find the "Allow manual exporting of invoices" option. Switch it on (if it isn't already) and make sure to select the user (or users) you want to allow.

  • Make sure all users do not have access to add or create Pegasus items : Suppliers, Tax Codes, Products and Nominal Codes (so far)

Admin > Settings select the user and turn off options.

  • When manually uploading records from Pegasus to Zahara use following option from


  • When manually downloading invoices from Zahara use following option from SmartSync

2. SmartSync

  • Inastall SmartSync – Business>Settings>Integrations>SmartSyn for Sage 2019

  • Create New Profile

  • Select Business

  • Add connection string

Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;Data Source=ASH01\PEGASUS;Persist Security

Info=True;Password=diskel;User ID=sa;Initial Catalog=SmartSync

  • Run Now

  • Add profile name

  • Stop smartSync from downloading any data i.e. suppliers will only be created in Pegasus so

Remove security for users to add Suppliers, Tax Codes, Nominal Codes etc

Replace C:\Program Files (x86)\Click2Scan\SmartSync\Click2SyncMapping2019.xml

with our file

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