Installation of Zahara SE Interface

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Make sure that you have downloaded the 2 pieces of software necessary for this installation, otherwise please download the software from this page.

1. Opera bespoke installation

  • Install DLZAHARA

  • The zip file is the Opera bespoke. You need to extract it somewhere and in SAM, upload the summary.txt, then Prepare and Apply.

  • You also need to add an External User with username ZAHARA and password Zahara1 in SAM. Make the target Opera/* actin as ADMIN and tick concurrent use.

2. Service/Client installation

  • Run ZaharaOperaSESyncSetup_X.X.X.exe

The default installation path is C:\Program Files\Diskel\ZaharaOperaSESync

  • Permissions: make sure that users have access to the ZahraOperaSESync folder.

3. Configuration

3.1 SERVER Configuration

  • Check that SQL server NT AUTHORITY login is dbcreator. Go to SQL Management Studio>Server Roles> Logins> NT Authority\System > Right Click >Properties> Server Roles tick the dbcreator role if it has not been set.

4. Create the database

  • Open an Internet browser (Chrome works best) and go to http://localhost:5023

  • In Settings – Service, in the Settings section, update the SQL Server instance and save.

  • Restart the Zahara Opera SE Sync Service.

  • Back to Chrome. You should see something similar to:

  • Click on Update and you should get:

  • Click on Add Users to give

  • Enter the licencekey details

The database will be created and you will see the confirmation screen:

5. Configure the Client

Configure the Client section within http://localhost:5021

Go to Settings > Client and update the Opera company and the Business Unit

6. Set up the scheduled task to run the Zahara Service

  • Set up a Windows scheduled task to run the Client\ZaharaOperaSESync.exe program with the frequency desired.

NOTE: make sure you select the Application file

  • Make sure that the Action of the Scheduled Task has

C:\Program Files\Diskel\ZaharaOperaSESync\Client in the Start In Field.

7. Test that Sync is working as scheduled

  • Check results in lastrun.txt which is located within C:\ProgramFiles\Diskel\ZaharaOperaSESync\Client to make sure it worked.

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